The Birch Culinary Co. Experience

Our Commitment to Quality and Detail

At Birch Culinary Co., we are dedicated to providing an exceptional fine-dining experience. Our focus is on the details that elevate a meal from good to unforgettable. We take pride in sourcing premium ingredients from artisanal farms, ensuring the food on your plate is not only delicious but also of the highest quality.

Delicious food on trays

Customized Catering for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a charity gala, a high-end wedding, an in-home dinner party, or a corporate event, we offer customized catering services to meet your unique needs. Our process starts with a detailed consultation to understand your vision, followed by meticulous planning and execution to exceed your expectations.

Expertise and Excellence in Every Bite

Our co-owners, Greg and Christie Maggi, bring their classical training from the California Culinary Academy and experience working in France to every dish we prepare. Our kitchen in Maryland Heights operates with the precision and excellence of top-tier establishments, ensuring that every meal is a masterpiece.

Fancy desserts and treats on table
Food placed perfectly on plate

Beyond the Meal: Attention to Every Detail

We believe that fine dining is more than just food; it’s about the entire experience. From meal preparation to service, and from presentation to cleanup, we handle every aspect with care and sophistication. Our attention to detail ensures that every element of your event is perfect, leaving you free to focus on your guests.

An Example of Our Dedication

A testament to our dedication was our work for a ballet rehearsal dinner. Without a kitchen on-site, we built one to provide an unforgettable French Laundry-style dinner, followed by a dessert buffet. Our commitment extended to providing thoughtful touches like water and high-quality napkins for the theater, and coffee and water for guests’ journeys home.

Fancy food on custom serving trays

Join Us for an Unparalleled Culinary Journey

At Birch Culinary Co., we don’t just serve meals; we create experiences that linger in memory long after the plates are cleared. For your next event in the Greater St. Louis area, choose us to discover the difference that detail, quality, and passion can make. Reach out to us today to begin planning your exceptional dining experience.