Exceptional Catering Services

With more than 30 years of experience, Birch Culinary Co.’s team of professional, classically trained chefs are ready to take your next get-together to another level. Whether that’s 10 of your closest friends for an intimate in-home gathering, 100 individuals at a sophisticated gala or 1,000 people at a large event, Birch has the experience and know-how to make your party a hit.

Our chefs and support staff have served at some of the largest events in the St. Louis area, including NASCAR races and Muny anniversary. We’ve also wowed guests at high-end galas and weddings. Our day-to-day bread and butter is corporate catering functions, where we serve businesses drop-off boxed lunches or hot buffets. And since the Covid-19 pandemic, in-home dinner parties have become a popular option for a memorable dining experience in the comfort of your own space.

Our highly customizable catering menus are packed with unique flavor combinations and premium ingredients. We strive to provide our customers a fine-dining experience with freshly prepared meals and top-notch hospitality.

In addition to exceptional food coming from a high-quality source, by choosing Birch for your catering needs you’ll also receive small touches that go a long way. We think through the little things, such as plating, tabletop, and service-ware to provide elegance and sophistication at your event.

Contact our team to see why we’re established as one of the premier catering choices in St. Louis for galas, corporate events, high-end weddings and large gatherings. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to working with you.

Milestone Catering

From weddings to anniversaries, retirements or any special event, your day deserves a spectacular meal. Birch Culinary Co. understands all the meticulous preparation that goes into event planning, and we promise to deliver a well-thought-out dining experience that dazzles you and your loved ones.

Examples of Milestone Catering Menus

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in a high-end, beautifully prepared spread at your venue of choice. We’ll work with you in the planning process to develop a menu that suits your needs and fits the theme you’ve worked to cultivate. We can provide you with sample menus, and our packages are fully customizable. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Birch uses only the freshest ingredients sourced from around the U.S. to ensure the absolute highest-quality dining on the market. Like you, we pay attention to each small detail — from plating to flatware to presentation — to bring your event experience to the next level. We don’t cut corners on our food or hospitality. We’ll take care of your needs in the planning process, on event day and in the cleanup afterward so you can focus on enjoying your milestone day.

Reach out to Birch Culinary Co. to learn more about what makes us one of the premier catering companies in the Greater St. Louis Area. We wish you all the best in your milestone planning and are excited to help make your day everything you’ve imagined.

Gala Catering

With more than 30 years of experience, Birch Culinary Co. would be honored to craft the perfect meal for your organization’s next sophisticated party. Our classically trained chefs have wowed guests at numerous charity and high-end galas for groups of all sizes. Whatever your needs and end goal, Birch will deliver a spectacular, customized dinner complete with exceptional service from start to finish.

Example of Gala Catering Menu

Once you contact us, a member of Birch’s team will complete a phone consultation to learn more about your big event. We’ll talk through your event vision and how the sit-down meal can tie together the rest of the evening’s festivities. We’ll provide you with sample suggested menus and then work with you to customize the courses to suit your needs. We can assist with venue selection, event design, full-service catering + bar as well as service staff.

Our professional chefs — who are classically trained, have worked in France and use proven, sound cooking techniques that many of our competitors don’t — utilize high-end ingredients sourced locally and from across the country. We don’t take shortcuts on preparation, and we won’t upcharge for any menu substitutions.

We set out to satisfy our clients throughout the process with dynamic food and quality care to match. We understand there will be a diverse number of palettes attending your gala, so we’ll work with you to create a well-rounded menu your clientele can enjoy.

We have worked with customers hosting galas in private rooms with no kitchen nearby. So we built a kitchen on-site. We’ve worked with individuals throwing galas in remote farmhouse locations who weren’t sure we could pull off serving hot food. But we did. Our team will do whatever it takes to get your event accomplished — wherever that may be. We’ll devise creative solutions so you can hone in on other key details connected to your event.

Birch will take time to understand your budgetary restraints to ensure your event is hitting your monetary goal. If your event features entertainment or presentations, we will ensure dinner is completed according to your timeline to keep proceedings running smoothly.

We know small touches and little surprises along the way separate the good from the elite. You have a lot on your plate in the planning process, so our experienced staff will help you think through the finer details. Birch takes time to ensure the end product is beautifully presented to make the evening a memorable one.

Our servers go the extra mile to take excellent care of your guests, and we’ll knock out the cleanup afterward. We know there are ways to do things cheaply or easily, but we don’t believe in cutting corners or selling our clients short. We operate with excellence to give your guests an incredible fine-dining experience.

Ready to learn more? Get in touch with Birch Culinary Co. today to see how we can be of service at your next gala event. We love food. We love events. And we’d love to help.

In-Home Catering

It’s tough to top a delicious dinner crafted by professional chefs in the comfort of your own space. So we’ll bring restaurant-caliber meals to you and your crew. In-home catering has surged in popularity in the years since the pandemic, and Birch Culinary Co. would be delighted to provide you and a group of your family, friends or colleagues a memorable high-end dining experience in the warmth of your own space.

Examples of In-Home Menus

When you contact us to inquire about our in-house catering services, we’ll take initial notes and set up a good time for us to talk more in-depth about your desires for the get-together. Birch will then complete a full phone consultation with you to understand your vision, answer any of your questions and offer menu suggestions if you’d like. We will take our time with you to ensure all bases are covered and your private party turns out in accordance with your preferences.

We will build out a menu personalized to your wants. If you’re thinking a more casual dinner, perhaps a beautiful pita buffet or taco spread fits the mood. If the get-together is more upscale or formal, Birch can provide elegant China and glassware, wowing your guests with a four-course dinner they won’t soon forget.

Birch takes tremendous pride in catering the party to what the host wants and likes, so all our options are customizable and a la carte. We don’t upcharge for that service, as we refuse to penalize our customers for wanting to create a unique experience. Have a special request? Fire away. Like our menu but want to substitute a personal favorite appetizer of yours? No problem. Our event planners work with you to develop the ideal menu for you and your guests.

Birch wants you and your company to feel warm and welcome in a cozy setting. We operate within the constraints of your home kitchen, budget and timeline. Birch offers three-course meals up to seven-course meals and can provide cocktail happy hours. If you’re thinking of having couples over for dinner paired with wine, we’ll guide you through the beverage selection process.

The next time you’re considering having an intimate gathering in your home, let Birch Culinary Co. take care of the dinner details and cleanup afterward. Our hand-crafted meals and top-notch service ensure your in-home celebrations are a delicious and exceptional experience. We look forward to assisting you.

Corporate Catering

Corporate lunches — either drop-off boxed lunches or hot buffets — are Birch Culinary Co.’s day-to-day bread and butter. Our skilled team of classically trained chefs are at the ready to prepare a delicious meal for your closely held or large business. We have served businesses of 10 up to a couple thousand people, so we’re well-equipped to handle any group size.

Examples of Corporate Menus

Birch can drop off your catered meal or set it up on your behalf. All our options are highly customizable so you can craft a menu of your choosing. We also have an assortment of pre-set menus to select from if you’d prefer to go that route.

All our sandwiches, salads, sides and cookies are freshly prepared with premium ingredients sourced from artisanal growers to form a delicious boxed lunch. If you’d prefer an in-person, hot buffet, Birch can do that too. We have 12 hot lunches to pick from, or customize your own, to include a pasta buffet, taco buffet, beef & chicken options and more.

We accommodate food allergies and aversions when catering your meal. We have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and other choices for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Ordering is simple. Give us a call at 314.801.8073 to get your order placed or set up a consultation with us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help build out a memorable meal for your business. Learn how our hospitality and attention to detail has made us an award-winning upscale catering partner. We look forward to serving you.

Let’s Create Memorable Moments

Ready to elevate your event with exquisite catering? Reach out to Birch Culinary Co. and request a consultation. Let our team of culinary experts work with you to create unforgettable moments and a dining experience that will be the talk of the town.